While the Gamer Persecution Complex might be theoretical, Gamer Entitlement is real.

Certain gamers with a sense of entitlement are often the first to use, the first to abuse, and then the first to complain (loudly) about how much fun they didn’t have.

Anything can be an affront to such players. Their selfish obnoxiousness can manifest itself in different ways:

“The local gaming store says I can’t bring in outside drinks, I’m done going there.”

“This campaign sucks, the GM won’t let me play a half-dragon ogre fighter/wizard, though she said she’d allow some optional rules.”

“I drove all the way from work/school/three towns over, the GM had better show me a good time. Otherwise, I’m done.”

“I’ve being gaming at this store/club/convention for 5 years. Why don’t I have priority over the newbies?”

“The GM may have brought all the miniatures and terrain for the wargame, but he didn’t bring the right armies for a balanced game. That’s why I lost and I’m not coming back.”

Good. Don’t come back. We don’t need you.

Quit showing up and passively expecting the game master and other players to entertain you.

Be part of the entertainment.