Anybody who’s part of the hobby will get asked this question from those who don’t quite understand. Even if it’s just from a look on somebody’s face.

You know, that look: Why are you essentially playing with toys?

The answer is elusive, especially during weeks (maybe months) when you don’t get much painting done at all. Other responsibilities take priority. Maybe even you gaming group hasn’t met regularly.

Yet it helps to have a concrete answer to this question. Your “why.”


For me, it all began because I wanted to enhance my RPG experience with tabletop aids. Later, I got into wargaming. I also discovered that painting miniatures can be relaxing. It’s a hobby that appeals to the Neo-Luddite in me–I can unplug and get away from my computer.

It’s the reason, the “why,” which can sustain you against the criticisms of those who just can’t fathom why somebody would want to paint miniatures.

Or when you find it difficult to get any painting done.