It’s the 50 anniversary of when Star Trek first aired, so I’ve been watching a lot of the original Star Trek series on Netflix and on television. Because, you know, I’m a nerd and I need to be well-versed in all things nerdy.

I’ve seen a good number of the episodes periodically over the years, but I’ve never binge watched them before.

So let me tell you this: don’t fall asleep while watching Star Trek in the middle of the night. Waking up to the show’s eerie music and Shatner’s over-acting is real trippy. Like far out, man.

Indeed, the whole show is trippy. I never thought I’d say that… Star Trek supposed to be a classic, after all.

But there’s something about the haunting music, something about the uniforms and sets in that bright Technicolor, and the story lines which are morality plays all add up to giving out a weird vibe.

Is that a bad thing? I dunno.

I think the original Star Trek has a lot going for it. Many of those episode are far better than what came after. Star Trek: The Next Generation certainly had its moments. Deep Space Nine could be really ho-hum. Voyager was… well, never mind. And I think Enterprise deserves another look.

But they lack that “weirdness” only a show from the 1960s can provide.

(And the series has lots of ideas to swipe for your RPG campaigns).