Earlier I posted about the problem of gamer entitlement and lengthy character creationCirsova and Fuzzy’s Dicecapades picked up the discussion offered their own insights.

Clearly all three of us favor short character creation times. And both of their posts got me thinking about the sheer boredom lengthy character creation can cause.

My worst experience was the first (and last time) I played GURPS. I was with a new gaming group who convinced me to try it.

Next thing I knew they placed a small stack of rulebooks in front of me.

“Uh… guys, can I play a pregenerated character.”

“We don’t use pregens, you’ll have to just learn the game.”

But that’s what I wanted to do when I sat down with you all. 

“Um… can I character using only the basic rules?”

“Well, no, because the campaign is more high powered than the basic rules. You’ll need stuff from the other supplements. Blah blah blah:”

Somehow I slogged through the process (GURPS has a very detailed point-buy system.) It took me two hours create a character: an ROTC candidate from a local university.. The other players wanted a leader-type in the post apocalyptic world we were going to explore. It sounded neat enough.

But then I did the math wrong with the point-buy system, twice. So I had to spend another hour trying to fix things. All along another player was trying to “help me” by offering suggestions from the various splatbooks.

“Why don’t you take this trait? It can do blah blah blah.Why don’t you take this flaw? It gives you bonus points for blah blah blah.”

Once I was finished, I still wasn’t sure if I did it right. But three hours was enough.

And then the group revealed their odd-ball characters which included a super-magic pixie who could die from a well-placed kick. Some kind of dog/human hybrid, and a talking monkey with a Fez cap.

I therefore quietly excused myself.

So, what are your worst experiences with character creation?