It’s October again and I want to run a horror RPG this month–or maybe I’ll dust off an old Ravenloft module to run for a group of players. Not sure yet.

One thing is for certain: horror is hard to evoke at the tabletop.

The atmosphere has to be just right. The best horror sessions are played a night. If there’s a steady rain tapping at the window that’s even better.

And you need horror music. Not the cheesy stuff either. You need something that really conveys what horror is about, and set the players on edge.

I can’t praise the soundtrack to the Showtime series, Penny Dreadful, by Abel Korzeniowski, enough.

The theme of the series: evil is seductive like a lover.

And the music perfectly conveys this theme.


“I was Never Going to Africa” is my favorite, by far. I get gooseflesh at 1:20, and my heartaches at 2:25.

Not everybody can stomach Penny Dreadful, I know. The show has violence, gore, and Eva Green going crazy in a way in which only Eva Green can.

But the soundtrack is worth getting and listening to–even if you never use it a tabletop RPG session.

And it’s available at Amazon and iTunes for a reasonable price.