This was one of my first games of Kings of War, played maybe almost a year ago, before I created this website.

Kings of War is a good, solid wargame. I’ve been wanting to play it more, but I’ve got too many “nerd irons” in the fire as of late.

This particular wargame pitted my Hundred Years’ War figures against Mike’s Renaissance figures. We jokingly called it “The Empire” vs. “Bretonnia,” though for us Warhammer is dead.

There wasn’t much left of my left flank when the battle was over. I was still getting used to the rules. Mike had already played it a few times before I got my armies organized for the game.

Even so, Kings of War surpasses Warhammer in game play. I don’t know why anybody would want to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles after trying Kings of War–save perhaps out of nostalgia.

The Bretonnian cavalry is surrounded and destroyed.
Game over.