No Art of Wargaming today. I’ve reached my limits of endurance.

Somehow, I’ve managed to post every day since the end of March of this year. 193 posts total, including this one.

This is in spite of juggling three jobs, which doesn’t include writing.

This is in spite of the ups and downs real life deals out–including the death of a loved one over Labor Day Weekend, and watching friends and acquaintance endure worst than I.

I was supposed to participate in the October Atlanta In-Town RPG Day, but I was not feeling well. It’s been some weeks since I’ve felt normal. My sinuses are messed up. My ears ring–tinnitus.  I get the occasion dizzy spell that lasts for a brief moment.

And its because my sleep schedule is off, and I’ve been keeping myself caffeinated with sugary drinks. That’s just not a healthy combination.

It’s also because I’m not gaming regularly. I need my fix.

In fact, gaming is probably one of the best things for my life right now–aside from a couple good nights of sleep.

And that’s what you’ve got to do when life gets you down. Escape for a little while into tabletop gaming, relax, recover. Catharsis.

And that’s not just because it’s gaming, it’s because you’re doing something you enjoy.

There’s relief on the horizon. I’m dropping one of those jobs in a couple weeks. Hopefully you’ll see the results here.

We’ll now go back to our regularly scheduled program…