Yesterday I joked with a friend at work: “I’m going through gaming withdrawal.”

He said he was experiencing something similar.

We’d both been too busy for gaming as of late. Either our work schedules aren’t conducive for gaming or our days off are filled with more “real life” stuff.

And it’s true, I am going through gaming withdrawal. I feel irritable. A bit lonely. And just a need to roll dice and push miniatures. I can get a fix from either wargaming or roleplaying. It doesn’t matter.

Suffice to say that since I’m the creator of this website, I probably haven’t balanced life with gaming from time to time. When I’m not playing games, I’m thinking about gaming. I’m coming up with more blog posts about the tabletop gamer lifestyle.

Yet then again, I don’t believe in a balanced life; I believe in priorities.

Tabletop gaming had to be placed on the back burner until I got other “real-life” priorities straightened out.

As a solution to our withdrawal symptoms my friend offered to play a Kings of War game this Sunday.

I’m in a better mood if I can get at least one good game in every couple of weeks or so. I need my fix.

Also, I’d like to have another battle report for Mini Monday. So I hope this happens.


Do you suffer from GWS–gaming withdrawal syndrome? What do you do to get your fix?