The Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG 4th Printing is on its way, sort of, according to the latest update from Goodman Games.

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick update on DCC RPG 4th printing!

Getting Closer

The short version, everything is printed and we expect the “books to be on a boat” very soon. There are a lot of components for this project, as you know: not just the books you’re getting (the core book plus the free stretch goal modules), but the stickers, judge’s screen, folders, mailing carton, dust jacket, leather covers, foil covers, signature inserts, and so on. All production on the last of those components was recently finalized, and we are anticipating that the books will be assigned a boarding date soon. I’ve actually been postponing this update for a bit hoping to get the actual date from the printer, but I don’t have that yet. Sometime in the next 1-2 weeks I expect to have a confirmed ship date, and from there we can estimate when the books will be in your hands.

That’s the main thrust of the update! We are as eager to get these books are you. More info to come as soon as we get a solid date.

You can read the rest here.

The Kickstarter ended December 2015. On a lark I invested in the “Seven Points of Sezrekan” cover and whatever swag that goes along with it. The PDFs came in early January as I recall.

The estimated delivery date for the physical copies was April 2016.

Of course, like so many Kickstarters, the project is late. But Goodman Games has been great in keeping its backers updated with the latest news.

Although it looks like, at this rate, it could be December before we get our physical copies.

Am I a little disappointed? Sure. And it would have been nice to see my very first Kickstarter project I invested in arrive on time.

Oh well. Things like this happen.

The PDFs will keep me tied over until the hard copies arrive.

And I still think DCC RPG rocks.