What do you do? Roll 1d10.

1. Ask the GM, “And?”
2. Watch the GM carefully to see if she rolls any random encounters.
3. Ask the GM is he’s reading boxed text from a module.
4. Check your cellphone, nothing interesting is happening at the moment.
5. Ruin the potential horror by eating potato chips loudly.
6. Complain, before anything else happens, “Oh man, this sounds like a railroad of an adventure.”
7. Say to the GM: “If I see any strange mists, I’m out. I don’t wanna go to Ravenloft tonight.
8. Ask, “Is there a car? We could use a car to drive away. I don’t have a car, but I like cars.”
9. Stand up from the table, “Whelp, gotta go!” And turn around and go home.
10. Go through a mid-life crisis where you imagine yourself descending into hell and purgatory with your favorite poet, encounter your lost love, and then ascent into Heaven with her.