Sometimes I wonder if gamers are too obsessed with “official” figures–which can be overpriced.

Children’s toys offer a less expensive alternative–and they come pre-painted.

In the past few years I’ve been occasionally buying figures made by Safari Ltd. The company was founded in 1982 to make educational animal toys for children–because, you know, there’s a mass extinction in the works–and the company wanted to raise at some kind of awareness to the problem.

They’re not 28mm, but they do make great giant-sized opponents for your game (giant spiders, dire animals, etc.).

They also produce a great selection of dragons.


And I picked up this cyclops for around $15.00


Some gamers might want to touch up the paint jobs, but I think they look fine as is. And they’re durable.

You can find them at nearly any well-stocked hobby store, particularly the TOOB collections. Or go on the Safari Ltd website.