Are there any figures from “the old days” you’re fond of?

I have a Giant Undead Cyclops by Grenadier that I particularly like. ff45b-dsc01333

I downloaded the Grenadier 1991 catalog just for fun awhile back and checked out the pictures. I own a handful of the figures from this catalog, including that cyclops.

If you’re a newer gamer, one of the first things you’d probably notice is how much smaller the figures are when compared to newer models. Less detailed, even.


Sometimes I wish we could go back to that. The newer miniatures can  to a while paint because they’re bigger and more detailed. Sometimes I think they’re more intimidating for a newbie to paint.

But alas, scale creep kicked in. And the old companies went out of business.

I started really collecting figures about 9 years after this catalog came out, so I was definitely at the turning point when it came to the scale creep finally coming to fruition. By that time official fantasy miniatures were Warhammer, Wizards of the Coast, and Reaper.

And you know what else? I didn’t mind lead figures. The mold lines and flash were a lot easier to file down than some of these newer pewter and plastic figures. You just wore latex gloves and washed your hands afterwards. And then you primed the mini ASAP.

Sometimes I look at these older figures and wonder if I should start collecting and paint them. But then I have enough to paint as is…

Hey, look! It’s Orkus!

If you want to look up old catalogs for miniatures go to DnDLead.