Here’s my RPG pipe dream: start and finish a megadungeon as a player.

The megadungeon has been around since the dawn of D&D. The tables to generate one can be found in the back of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide. Yet I’ve heard of only a handful of players who’ve complete them.

I’ve written my own megadungeon, and the players explored the upper ruins, part of the first level, and then had TPK. And they didn’t want to go back. “That place is too big for us to handle!” :facepalm:

I’ve had characters explore multi-level dungeons, just not a sprawling megadungeon like Dwimmermount, The Worlds Largest Dungeon, or Undermountain. Monte Cook had “Dungeon-a-Day” and now there’s this Infinite Dungeon for Pathfinder.

And I’ve run players through part of the infamous Rappan Athuk.

Yet what I want to know is:

Who has time for megadungeons? How do you complete them without the dungeon becoming a boring “crawl”?

What are your experiences delving in a megadungeon?