Here’s part of the latest update on the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG 4th Printing Kickstarter:

“The first boat leaves tomorrow (Nov. 21) and the last leaves on Nov. 26. Based on this, with some standard assumptions for transit time, customs clearance, etc., here are projected dates when You’ll Get Your Stuff:

  • Australian Backers: Early January
  • UK and European backers: Mid January
  • US backers: Early February
  • Other international backers: Mid February

Hey, that’s late! Yes it is. All the stretch goals added a fair amount of production time, especially figuring out the process to do both gilding and thumb tabs at the same time. To make it up, we will be including a print copy of DCC #89: Chaos Rising for free with every shipment. It will arrive in the mailer with your main shipment. Enjoy!”

I will. 😀