What’s your next campaign going to be like? 

These days, it seems, I’m always thing about the next RPG campaign. Lately I’ve been too preoccupied to run anything.

But now that the semester is winding down, perhaps over Winter Break I can throw together some notes and adventures before I starting teaching again in the fall (along with taking care of other stuff in my life).

Here’s some questions that keep coming of mind (maybe they sound familiar I’ve you’re a game master):

What set of rules am I going to use? 

That was the easy part: Dungeon Crawl Classics. I had some reservations, given that folks in my area seem to be invested in D&D, Pathfinder, or other RPGs like Dungeon World or 7th Sea. Yet this is the game I want to run.

What’s the setting? Do I put the characters in a commercial setting or my own? Should I even have a setting? 

It’s tempting just to run a series of published adventures and not worry too much about setting. Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG has a number of adventures out there which is perfect for this.

I’d like to convert some old D&D modules to see how things work out.

And yet the lure of running my homebrew sandbox setting is compelling, even though I’d have to alter some of the rules for DCC RPG.

Who will play? 

Friends. Acquaintances. Nobody with whom I couldn’t tolerate spending an afternoon at the tabletop.

When will we play and how often?

This is always the problem. No day is ever a good day for gaming. So that’s why I’m leaning toward a West Marches-style sandbox campaign, where I’d have a pool of about a dozen players and they decide when to play. They push the agenda and schedule the sessions.

I’ve done this style of play rather successfully in the past with Swords & Wizardry–though one too many TPKs brought that campaign to an end.

I’m wondering how this would work with DCC RPG given the game’s high character death rate.

Still, I’ve made my choice and we’ll just have to see how it works out…