I like the wargame Kings of WarI’ve got plenty of Hundred Years’ War miniatures which can be used in a friendly game.

Yet for a legal tournament, they aren’t based right. My regiments are based 100mm x 100mm. The rules allow for only 100mm x 80mm. So my regiments are 20mm longer than they should be for the game.

Their based for Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, by Neil Thomas.

Grumble… grumble… grumble.

Another quibble: The rules continue the old standard for having a 25mm miniature fit on a 20mm x 20mm base when building regiments.

Why is this even done anymore? Most figures produced now are 28mm “heroic scale”–they don’t fit on the 20mm x 20mm square base.

Fortunately, with Kings of War it’s the “footprint” of a regiment which matters far more than individual basing. In fact, individual basing can be nixed–this one of the best things I like about the game.

Still… I’ve got some decisions to make.

Grumble… grumble…grumble.

Maybe, however, rebasing my figures to a cohesive color scheme might be in order…