Normally I’d post links to samples of a given soundtrack, but most everybody is familiar with the music from Star Wars. 

And that’s exactly the problem when it comes to playing Star Wars soundtracks for tabletop RPGs…

…unless, of course, you’re playing a Star Wars RPG.

“Imperial March” is  great music, but it’s too familiar. While it’s tempting to play during the introduction of a villain, it’ll only get your players on thinking about Star Wars.

The same goes with any of the music from the original trilogy: Episodes IV, V, and VI.

It just doens’t mesh will with other genres–even with standard space games. And don’t you dare play Star Wars music during a Star Trek game.

You might have better luck with songs from the prequels: Episodes I, II, and III. But the downside is you risk degenerating the game to an argument as to why the prequels suck…

And who wants to risk bringing up Anakin as whiny kid and Jar Jar at the tabletop?