My order from Black Tree Design’s Thanksgiving Weekend sale came in the mail sometime early last week (it probably arrived earlier, but it had been awhile since I checked my mail).

My order included: 16 crossbowmen, 4 command figures, and 3 knights on horseback.

With these, my grand Hundred Years’ War project is one step closer to completion: I don’t need to buy anymore figures; I just need to paint the ones I’ve got.

And just for fun I purchased Vladimire Le Stat, both mounted and foot versions, and I know exactly how I’m going to paint them!



I’m impressed with Black Tree Design’s miniatures and service–especially the service. It’s gotten better over the years.

They usually have some kind of a weekly sale, making their figures a little less expensive than what can be found elsewhere.

The thank you note was also a nice touch.

You’re welcome.