Somewhere in all this I’d like to think I’m getting better and painting miniatures. 2016 was a bust when it came to painting lots of figures. Too many nerd-irons in the fire. Too much “real life” stuff getting in the way.

I’ve made some note worthy achievements when it comes to painting figures. I’m certainly not the best, but I’m not the worst.

So here’s my top 5 miniatures in no particular order.

1. The HeroQuest Barbarian

What is best in life?

This was a re-paint and an experiment with flesh tones. The only thing I don’t like here is one of his eyes bulges a little bit–not sure why. It’s amazing that the camera can catch that the naked eye doesn’t. Otherwise, he looks decent.

2. The Stone Giant, by Reaper Miniatures

The barbarian fights a stone giant for its treasure.

This is the Reaper Bones version of their stone giant. Lots of dry brushing. I like Reaper Bones, but sometimes with their line the primer doesn’t go on well–even after I’ve washed it with soap and water.

Even, I like how it came out.

3. The War Troll, by Reaper Miniatures

Another Bones figure. I painted this war troll and the stone giant above at the same time using similar techniques. With the war troll I left off the final couple of high lights.

4. The Owlbear, by Wizards of the Coast

Grrr… Owlbear!

Since taking this picture, I’ve painted over the yellow “leaking” around eyes. Again, the camera catches what the eyes don’t miss. 

I wonder if professional miniature painters taking photographs if their figures before finishing them? It’s really not a bad idea.

5. The Warhammer Quest Elf

“Slotta-bases forever!”

I’m happiest with this one–particularly with the shading–and especially since I’ve had him for over 20 years, and now’s he’s done!

My goal for 2017: Finish at least 200 figures. We’ll see how it goes.

Again, there’s a lot of nerd-irons in the fire.