Here’s to 2016!

Here’s to miniatures unpainted, and armies incomplete.

Here’s to campaigns derailed, sessions wasted.

Here’s to powergamers, rules lawyers, and the guy who can’t shut up about politics.

Here’s to the lonely roleplayer or wargamer, who cannot find a decent group.

Here’s to the lonely game master, sitting at home, at the local gaming store, or at the university student union, whose players didn’t show up.

Here’s to procrastination: not writing that short story or novel.

Here’s to not loosing as much weight as we’d like, and eating lots of New York Style pizza and ice cream.

And here’s to all of our goals we actually accomplished in 2016!

And here’s all of our goals we’ll accomplish in 2017!

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a new year!

Thank you for reading The Word of Stelios!

So long 2016!

Here’s to 2017!

Happy New Year!