2018? Yes, you read that right.

If today was January 1, 2018, I could look back on 2017 and say: “Wow, that was a great year. I’ve resolved my resolutions.”

But there isn’t and so here we are, gazing that 2017 in front us with our New Years Resolutions in mind.

I don’t share my New Years’ goals.

To share them would take away energy to getting them accomplished, and worse, you might waste even more time rationalizing your goals to the doubters out there.

But we can look ahead:

What game are you looking forward to play in 2017? 

What campaigns are you running? 

What games would you like to try? 

How many miniatures do you plan to paint? (All right, I always say: “300!”, but I know I’ll fall short. So people can do it, but I’ve got too many nerd irons in the fire. But I’ll say “300” anyway.

I’d like to try D&D 5e. It’s 2017 and I’ve never played it (save for once during the playtest phase).

But Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG is on the table to run, as is some variant of AD&D Second Edition.

I’m working out the details. There’s other goals, but you’ll have to wait until 2018 to know what they are…