Well, I take that back.

I’ve played once, back when it was “D&D Next.”

I played a bard and I was the only player with an actual character sheet at the table–everybody else had laptops and tablets. The DM really pushed using digital tools. So I don’t think I got a clear impression of what 5e is really like.

5th Edition is the only edition of D&D where I haven’t felt the urge to buy the corebooks. I told myself I’ll get them “someday.” And so far that “someday” has never come.

I’m not bragging. This isn’t meant to be rally cry for the OSR or any kind of “D&D purism” out there.

Well, I also take that back. Sort of.

I’ve read all kinds of wonderful things about 5th Edition. I’ve skimmed the PHB. I’ve spoken with those who played the game. It sounds fun.

Yet it doesn’t sound fun enough for me to plunk down money and invest in another edition.

So, I guess this post is a rallying cry for those who share this viewpoint–and it can be about any edition of the game. For example, maybe you’re 5th Edition player surrounded by people who can’t get enough Pathfinder or AD&D.

Just because the powers of marketing and general opinion say something is great, doesn’t mean its meant for you, especially if you feel reluctance.

That being said:  I do plan on trying D&D 5e for first time this year…