In OD&D/AD&D, the fighter was a nice and basic class. It was perfect for the newbie roleplayer, but they can get boring to play.

In 3.5e/Pathfinder, the fighter got more complicated. To make a fighter character effective, you had to have the right combination of feats.

The fighter in 4e was basically a wizard. So we don’t talk about that.

In D&D 5e seems to go back to its older edition roots, But I’m not conversant in the rules.

In Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, the warrior can attempt just about any combat maneuver. You don’t need the right combination of feats, or a high strength. The maneuvers just happen if you roll a 3 or better on a special “deed die.”

You can do precise shots, rally maneuvers, trip attacks, pushbacks and other “might feats of arms.” In any other system you’d need the right combination of feats, or another warrior/fighter class to rationalize the maneuver.

In DCC RPG, a warrior is a “warrior” and can attack like the heroes you read about in books or watch in cinema.

When you combine these feats with the results from the critical hit charts, warriors (and dwarves) really shine as a class I’d like to play. And they’re still a relatively easy class to run.

And that’s one way I’m pitching DCC RPG to prospective players.