Goodman Games has posted the latest update on the DCC RPG 4th Printing. For US backers, the books are in the country.

“The delivery to the US has arrived and has been counted. And it’s glorious. Wow, talk about a lot of books. Two 18-wheelers full, to be precise. At 480 pages this book’s a big’un!

The first round of US shipments will be the leatherbound editions, which will go out priority mail. As noted previously, please do not overreact if you get the leatherbound edition ahead of other items you ordered. The second round of shipments will be “everything else.” We’ll post an update once the leatherbound editions ship and then when the rest begin shipping.”

It looks like some backers will be in for two shipments.

I’m excited. I’ve waited over a year for this. My copy rules should arrive around the time I kick start my new campaign…

EDIT: Another Update:

Leatherbound copies to US backers have shipped. These should be arriving over the next week. Remember that if you are a US backer and you ordered more than one copy of the book, the leatherbound copy will arrive first and separate from the balance of the shipment. The balance of the US shipment is still being processed.