This was one of the first soundtracks I specifically purchased for my D&D games. I was excited ordered via the mail. I played tracks from the 3-disc set in my games as soon as I could.

And the very first time the players heard the music, they laughed.

Oh, they tried to keep straight faces as I narrated the repercussions of the outbreak of a war.

But they couldn’t. One player made a jerking motion with his hand and they all cracked up and we had to take a short break to regain their composure.

Sometimes I’d get away with using the battle music.

Once I played the “Phantom Forest” while they explored an enchant wood which tried to put their characters to sleep.

It eventually served as an example of music from video games and RPG at times just don’t mix.

Don’t get me wrong, the music is great… all 3 hours of it… for the video game itself.

For me it became a mood-breaker. The music is too digital. “Too video-gamey,” as one of my players put it.

Apparently there’s a hard-to-find orchestral version floating around. But I haven’t been able to track it down. Maybe that might be worth playing at the tabletop.