Westerns are a good break from reading and watching fantasy and science fiction. I’ve been reading some Louis L’Amour, and watched movies like High Plains Drifter.

I watched “The Man with No Name Trilogy” about ten years ago, and I loved it. Last weekend I rewatched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

All through the movie I kept thinking: “This is an RPG adventure!”

There’s $200,000 worth of gold buried in a cemetery. Go find it!

But you don’t know the location of the cemetery. And there’s a civil war, armies march across the landscape and you could get conscripted or thrown into a prison camp. You also have to deal with vicious villain–and you’re not on the villain’s mind until he realizes you might know the location of the gold.

Oh yes, and some you’ve discovered the name on the tombstone under which the treasure is buried–but a filthy thief whom you cannot trust only knows the location of the cemetery.

Would this work for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG?

You bet. Much of the western elements would have to go. But I could envision this being a sandbox style campaign: the PCs following leads and information, evading hostile forces (supernatural and otherwise) until they find the treasure.

Since dwarves can smell gold in DCC RPG, maybe when they reach the burial place maybe the sweet odor of all the gold seeping from the shallow grave can help the PCs find it.

And what happens if they find it? A Mexican stand off, maybe?

What if the original owners of the gold come looking for it? In the movie it belonged to the Confederate army.

Imagine if a party of 0-level characters found all of that treasure? What would they do with it?

It would be the start of campaign.

But instead of a normal sandbox campaign where the character explore a region looking lost ruins and hidden places to find treasure, they’re looking for good places to hide it…