This website isn’t about politics, but inevitably I feel I have to say something from time-to-time about current events, especially when gamers could be affected.

Since election day, my gamer friends and acquaintances and I have had our share of pre-game political rants, despite “Don’t.” It’s hard not to rant. This election was terrible.

“Bigly” terrible. (Hey, if it wasn’t a word before it is now.)

But otherwise we’ve committed to the business at hand: rolling dice, pushing miniatures, and having a good time.

We plan on doing this for the forseeable future.

And that’s what I suggest to you. Keep those rants to a minimum.

Game on.

With that being said, I resolve not to hate Trump. I resolve not waste energy fretting about the screwball things he’s already done and will do.

(And, in all honestly, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president either.)

I’ve already wasted enough time shaking my head at my social media feeds: friends and acquaintances, liberals and conservatism, are having a field day. In a nutshell: liberals are terrified and getting organized. Conservatives are laughing at the liberals and are glad Obama is finally out of office. Both sides fear the possible tyranny and facism of the other.

When it comes to the future of gaming, my concern comes from Trump’s ties to the religious right. You’ll discover this if you do even a modicum of research.

The religious right has not been kind to gamers in the past. Yet they’ve moved on to other issues (See defunding Planned Parenthood, see repealing Obamacare, see cutting funds to public schools, see their anti-LGBTA stance, and so on and so forth).

I don’t believe we are in a fascist state… yet.

But gamers should be aware that under Trump certain groups might increase their decades old anti-gaming activities. You may have heard or experienced these things directly:

Preaching to you why that “D&D stuff” is evil.

Book burnings. (Though most likely these days it’ll be Harry Potter).

For those in college, expect religious clubs to complain about your gaming club. (Most probably won’t care, but just expect one.)

Tabletop gaming has become more mainstream in the last decade (along with general geekdoom) but that doesn’t mean its acceptable by certain segments of society. Being a gamer may mean you’ll experience hostility.

Sometimes hostility, unfortunately, can come from within our own ranks. 

See Edition Wars. See Gamergate. See what happens when liberal and conservative gamers start arguing politics when they should be gaming.

Don’t let anybody make you their captive audience with their rants.

If you are concerned about the next four years, then I recommend you do the following:

  1. Take a peek at the United States Constitution and related commentary by reliable sources. Know your rights.
  2. Study the history of the United States, especially from about the 1960s and onward to understand how modern liberals and conservatives developed.
  3. If you’re concerned about the “post-truth” age, or why Trump often contradicts himself, you should read Harry Frankfurt’s On Bullshit.
  4. Read The Republic, by Plato, just because you should.
  5. Listen to those who don’t share your views. Don’t argue. Listen. You might learn something. (But walk away if feel unsafe or becoming a captive audiences.

And if you’re genuinely fearful about the rise of fascism in the United States and the next four years, it might be time to put away the dice and gaming books.

Go. Do something. Be the change you’d like to see happen.

Meanwhile, I’ll be rolling dice, pushing miniatures, and having a good time.

I plan on doing this for the foreseeable future.

Game on.