Since mid-November I’ve lapsed into a more sedentary lifestyle. I’m on my feet less.  It doesn’t help, of course, I ate a lot over the holidays.Certain clothes aren’t fitting as well.

Now I’m feeling it.

I know I’ve gained weight, but I’m dreading to check the scale.

Last year, just before a flight, I put a suitcase on a scale to check its weight, it squeaked by at 38 lbs so I didn’t have to pay extra fees.

I remembering thinking: “I lost more weight than this. And this bag felt kinda heavy lugging it around. Yet that’s what I was carrying for years.”

No wonder why my back and spine re-aligned and stopped feeling painful and stiff.

No wonder why my snoring has gotten better, and I no longer have sleep apnea.

No wonder I’ve had more energy.

I need to remember this as I develop new habits in the coming months to lose this feeling of being fat.

And to any gamer out there who’s decided to loose weight this year: just go for it.