I painted these up just in time for the 3000 point Kings of War battle last Saturday.

The ballista and crew are from Black Tree Design. The siege cannon come from Front Rank Miniatures.

For the ballista projectiles I converted a couple of spears from a dark age warband kit by Warlord Games.

The Empire Hellblaster volley gun and crew have been finished for some years now. But wanted to give them a decent-looking base. That old “Warhammer Green” look with fluffy flock doesn’t sit well with me anymore.

In the background, you see a bunch of Hundred Years’ War knights getting their bases repainted and re-flocked. The old “Games Workshop Green” just doesn’t work for me anymore.

They’ll each get a base coat black, heavy dry brush Burnt Umber, lighter dry brush Milk Chocolate, finished off with gluing on the sawdust flock I’ve had for 10 years. The paints are by Americana.

I’ve also become quite enamored with the Litko 3mm wooden bases. They don’t warp as the paint dries–the same can’t be said for some of my old GW square and rectangular bases I still have.

A closer look.

Pictures of the Kings of War battle can be found at Discover Games’s Facebook page.


I’ve got another game, 3500 points, scheduled this weekend.

Time to paint more figures…