What are your thoughts and experience with one player and one GM sessions?

I miss the days when I had the time to run games with one player as a campaign introduction, or a side quest.

My brother introduced me to D&D with me as a single player. He’d run short introductory sessions to explore a the background and origins of a player’s newly rolled up character. Then he’d bring all of the player together for the first official adventure.

I took on this tradition early in my DMing career.

These single-player sessions gave each player a chance to shine. This is very important if you’re introducing somebody to RPGs if they’ve never played before and are about to join a veteran group.

Side quests were always fun, too. I’d always give each player a key piece of information or item which would be relevant to the overall campaign.

Again, I got this idea from my brother, who’s campaign included one player learning important information about a fragmented magic item, another player discovering a portion of the item, and third player receiving prophetic visions where the next might be found.

Sadly, this was lost along the way as the “real world” scheduling got in the way…