I’ve never been a fan of elves in D&D (or most RPGs for that matter).  They’re the ultimate haughty ubermensch.

And since the beginning RPGs have tried to reconcile their long lifespans and special powers with the abilities of other character classes.

It also didn’t help that in my early years in the hobby I had a couple players obsessed with them. They wouldn’t run any other character race and pestered me about different options for their characters. “Can I use this from the Complete Book of Elves? No? What about this?”

But the elves in DCC RPG aren’t standard “D&D” elves. While they live in forests and other isolated communities, they’re more like Melnibonéans from the Elric stories by Michael Moorcock.

They regularly traffic with supernatural entities. Indeed, an elf character at first level can invoke his or her supernatural patron for aid (whether or not the patron will heed that call…)

They tend to be chaotic, if not neutral, as their general interests aren’t aligned with humans.

They’re basically fighter/magic-users. But they’re allergic to iron, and thus can’t wear iron for long period or they take damage. But they can wear mithril (though casting spells while wearing armor still invokes penalties to their spell checks.

Yet they’ll never be as competent at fighting like a human warrior or a dwarf.

And thus: While I’m still not keen on elves in RPGs, this is a step in the right direction…