The Northlands are on the fringe of civilization where human characters explore the wilderness in search of treasures, lost ruins, and other mysteries in a sandbox campaign.

Sometimes I look at all the races and classes available for D&D and just roll my eyes. D&D 3.5e really burned me out with all options available for players.

I don’t get the appeal of playing a Dragonborn or many of the variant classes out there. Aren’t the core races and classes enough? Maybe that’s just me and how “old school” I am.

For the my Northlands campaign, players will be limited to the races and classes in Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Wizard, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling.

But, as I mentioned last time, I don’t allow elves or halflings. So some adjustments must be made.

Elves: Let’s just call them Sorcerers. They’re humans with a touch of the supernatural flowing in their veins. Just as in the rules PC sorcerers are allergic to iron and must use mithril weapons. Maybe the sorcerer’s supernatural patron will show the character were to find such weapons.

I’ll rule Sorcerers don’t have long lives like elves do, but otherwise they have the same abilities.

Halflings: Let’s call them Ethodians. They’re original human inhabitants of the continent, and a millennia ago they had their own civilization which collapsed because of invasions. Few pure-blooded Ethodians now exist, but those that do are shorter than the average human, around 4 to 5 feet, but not as short as a standard halfling.

Thus, they are not of small size and have normal movement rate of human. They also don’t possess infravision.

Ethodians possess two-weapon fighting, special abilities with Luck, and other abilities as the standard DCC RPG halfling.

Dwarves: Dwarves do exist in my campaign setting, though they are uncommon. They are a migrant race, wandering in search of new homes and veins of gold. They can pass as heavier and stouter Ethodians with red or black beards.

Most cannot tell the difference between the two.

Dwarf characters possess all of the same abilities as a standard dwarf character in DCC RPG.

Players running a dwarf character should keep their identity a secret in most human lands. The reason of which shall be revealed as the campaign progresses…