January’s theme was “Beginnings.”

February’s theme is “The Social Beast,” since this month is all about relationships, chocolates, flowers, and stuff like that.

So this month is about relationships, namely the relationships that make you want to shove a fellow gamer’s head through a wall.

It’s about the unspoken things between us, as gamers. Such as:

“Why can’t we just ditch that jerk from the group?”

“Why do we have to play at the annoying bastard’s apartment?”

“Why can’t the LARPers and Magic players go someplace else?”

“Is it me? Is the Game Master letting his girlfriend have all the good magic items and treasure?”

It’s about the Five Geek Social Fallacies. (Which, if you haven’t read, you should).

It’s about Edition Wars. Geeks vs. Nerds. Tabletop gamer etiquette. Having all of your players cancel at the last minute.

You now, the stuff that makes Tabletop Gamer Lifestyle interesting–or gossip worthy.

Can The Social Beast be tamed?

It can. Sort of. In just depends on how much tolerance you have toward gamers who just don’t fit with your idea of what an ideal gamer should be. The best solution is to avoid the drama, but sometimes the drama can’t be helped.

So tomorrow we’re going to start with a bang:

“Everything Gamer Guys Know About Gamer Girls.” 

This should be fun.