In high school I thought I was really cool. Because of French class I understood some of the lyrics in the song “Sadeness,” which I first heard when a Youth Pastor played it  at a Christian Youth group. It was on Pure Moods, as I recall, and the person brought it thought it was Christian music.

The song does start with a Gregorian Chant: In Nomine Christi, Amen…

So maybe they thought it was about Jesus or something. They weren’t wrong. (But we didn’t have the Internet close at hand to look up the lyrics).

Meanwhile, I thought: “This would be the perfect music to play during my Planescape games!”

And the music sounds philosophical, even theological. planescape

Planescape is all about questioning the
power of belief.

The Rule of Threes! The Great Wheel! The Lady of Pain!

Planescape isn’t about hack-n-slash; its deep. Man. Deep.

Like me.

Just look at the artwork on the box!


So I went to Sam Goody (remember those?) and bought MCMXC A.D. and took it home.

Then I took a look at the list of songs on the back:

“Principles of Lust.”

“Sadeness” is part of a longer song called “Principles of Lust.”


But the cover…

I listened to the whole album, liked it.

Later I learned that the “Sadeness” is probably about Marquis Du Sade, of whom we get the word “Sadism.”

MCMXC A.D. is about a descent into earthly pleasures and then redemption. (That’s my interpretation, anyway.

At the time, however, I gathered this music isn’t really meant for RPGs… and least not tabletop RPGs.

I wonder if that youth pastor ever listened to the whole album…