When you watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the first time, I guarantee you there will be a point where you’ll think: “Is this movie going to end?” And then Tuco tumbles into a tombstone and “The Ecstasy of Gold” kicks in. And your hairs stand on end.

That’s how I felt with this Kickstarter. When its going to end? When am I going to get my stuff?

And then yesterday I open my PO Box and my hairs stood on end. There it is! The Box!

Queue “The Ecstasy of Gold”

The box was heavy and well packed. Nothing was damaged. It was like Christmas in February.

The 4th Printing itself , Modules, an art folio, and more.
Moar stuff!!!

Let me tell you something: I’ve had the pdfs for the modules and the 4th Printing since last February, and pdfs just don’t do the artwork justice. I’m glad I now have physical copies.

Chaos Rising was an add-on from Goodman Games as a way of saying: “Thank you for your patience.” I’ll probably give that one to a worthy aspiring DCC RPG judge at some point (Hey, I’d like to play DCC RPG and not be the only one running it).

The slip cover makes it look less evil so you can take it to church.

Some have criticized Goodman Games for being exceedingly late with this Kickstarter. I’m inclined to agree. Yet I’m satisfied how things turned out. Goodman Games posted regular updates. They didn’t “go dark” and try to hide.

There is only on minor issue I had with the book itself: the “monster tab label” didn’t stick to the correct page–it was stuck along the edges to the prior page. It wasn’t that big of a deal to get it unstuck, but something backers might want to watch out for. [Sorry didn’t take a picture of this].

Make sure the tabs are where they’re supposed to be.

But the tabs ARE NICE.

If you’re a player with a cleric or a wizard, these will come in handy. As a judge I’ve already made use the “JUDGES” and “MONSTERS” tabs.

This was my first investment in a Kickstarter, and I’m satisfied how things turned out.

A second shipment containing the custom dice, dice bags, and other miscellaneous swag is on its way, but I’m happy with what I’ve got.