Was Friday’s post hyperbole?

Do gamer guys really know nothing about gamer girls?

I’d like to think we live in age where most gamer guys are gentlemen. That is, even if they’re ignorant, they’ll at least be courteous.

But then I read or hear about stuff like this:

  • The lone female shows up to the local gaming store or comic shop and heads turn.
  • A male gamer hitting on a female gamer using his character.
  • Stories about the sexual harassment at conventions.
  • A gamer removes her online presence because of harassment.
  • Gamergate.

It’s like a reset button has been pushed.

Every effort toward progress seems to amount to nothing.

For every 10 acts of gentlemanly behavior gets overturned by a single act of stupidity. And I can’t help but think: “Those guys are part of the hobby? Do I really want to be associated with them?”