The big Blogging A to Z April Challenge announcement went up last Monday.

Last year a lot of bloggers signed up on the list but didn’t participate. The A to Z team did a great job eliminating the links who sites who posted one or twice (or never), but it was still a lot of work. Although I visited a lot blogs with great content, I know there were dozens that had nothing.

So they’re doing things differently this year: no linky lists.

You share your A-to-Z posts on their website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

It’s a fun challenge. You get to meet other bloggers and read blogs you’d never consider visiting before.  The gaming community, however, is under-represented.

For that matter, has there been any gaming-related blog hops out there recently? 

If you don’t know what the challenge is, visit the A to Z website. You pick a theme for the month of April and blog every day about it.

It was a good way of relaunching this website. My theme last year was The ABCs of Tabletop Gaming. For fun I might edit those posts, add some more content over the past year, and put them in a pdf or something for download.

For this year, it’s too early to tell if I’ll participate in the challenge. The big theme reveal is March 20. So I’ve got some time to mull things over…