It’s not that I hate Rolemaster. 

I’ve played Middle Earth Role Playing (also known as “Rolemaster Lite”) and enjoyed myself for the most part. But it still wasn’t Rolemaster.

I just don’t like Rolemaster because its part of a family of RPGs whose main selling point is: “It’s more realistic/better than D&D.

A lot of RPGs are better/realistic than D&D. I know this. But I’m not going to invest in a cumbersome rule set where a standard character sheet is 5 pages long chock full of skills, powers, and double-digit modifiers to percentile rolls.

Not going to happen.

The only rule set worse in the “It’s more realistic/better than D&D” category is Chivalry & Sorcery. One of the rulebooks gives an example of how to punish players who try to play the game like D&D. Two players had their characters strung up for not handing over a magic sword to knight (who was controlled by another character).

So, if there’s a game which truly deserves to be burned under a pile of Jack Chick Tracts, it would be Chivalry and Sorcery.

(Which, as it happens, also had/has clunky mechanics for the sake of realism).