My girlfriend gave this to me yesterday as a Valentine’s Day Gift.

Meanwhile, I gave her a display case for her Mousling miniatures collection.

We found both at the HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw, Georgia. That place is modeler’s dream. There’s a game room for RPGs and wargames. And other room dedicated to model racing cars.

But I digress.

This Behemoth comes from Safari, ltd.

It kind of resembles a demon dog from Ghost Busters.
Something for Kings of War, perhaps? Or Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG?
The spines look good, too.

It might need some touching up. And I’ve thought about repainting it violet, to resemble the Behemoth from Final Fantasy IV.

(Like I don’t have enough nerd-irons in the fire as it is…)

Some might turn their noses up at buying miniatures for children. And, I understand; there’s an appeal to buying and painting a large dragon from Reaper. I’ve a few large metal figurines myself.

The nice thing about children’s toys, however, is that they’re meant to take punishment. I don’t have to worry about them suddenly tipping over and chipping their paint or a wing snapping off.

Last November, I wrote about Safari Ltd, after I picked up a cyclops. They have a nice assortment of fantasy and real-world figures. While the figures a bigger than the standard size for RPGs, they can make great “dire” or giant monsters.

Be sure to check out their dragons.