Indeed, she is no gamer girl.

Last Sunday, on our Valentine’s Day date, after the movie she went shopping for clothes while I went to a gaming store and bought miniatures. We met back up to go to HobbyTown USA to buy each other presents.

She’s made dice bags for sale but has never owned any polyhedral dice.

She doesn’t feel the need to tag along to my FLGS while I play a game.

She’s never asked to play in any of my games.

She’s never rolled up a character.

Sometimes we play board games with other couples. But I’ve never asked her to play any wargames or RPGs. It’d be rude. She’s told me she doesn’t want to play anyway.

She has her hobbies. I have mine.

And for that, I am grateful.

Some couples feel the need to do everything together, we don’t. And for that, I am even more grateful.

I’m grateful she listens to and (usually) doesn’t mind me telling about my adventures of being a nerd. She doesn’t mind when I indulge in the tabletop gamer lifestyle. She doesn’t see it as a waste of time (so long as I’ve enjoyed myself).

She encourages my writing.

She’s also a damn good cook.

I believe a gamer girl would ruin me, make other players jealous if she joined my games.

My girlfriend has made me a better gamer, a better man. And, for that alone, I love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear!!!

xoxo and all that.