Obligatory Spoiler Alert.

On March 4, I ran The Hole in the Sky, a DCC RPG 0-level funnel, for players who showed up to the Atlanta Intown RPG Day.

With every 0-level funnel I’ve run, the players have a lot of fun. It still amazes me how they grow attached to their 0-level peons, even if its to see if they’ll survive the adventure.

And it get to bring out my “townsfolk” miniatures, which don’t often see the tabletop in a “regular” RPG because they don’t look heroic enough.

0-level characters battle “Sea Shrikes” (represented by old WarhammerQuest bats) on an invisible bridge.

The Hole in the Sky is a brutal adventure.

The characters receive visions from a mysterious “Lady in Blue,” dine with her at the cliff by the sea they saw in their visions, before the Lady in Blue tasks them to cross the sea on an invisible bridge to find “The Hole in the Sky” and free a powerful ally from a prison dimension.

The setup of the adventure took a bit longer than I would have liked. But the players enjoyed it enough.

The “uh oh” moment for everybody at the table came as the characters crossed the invisible bridge over the sea: a storm blew up and the winds knocked five characters off the bridge to their deaths.

We had three players, and each controlled four characters. So 5 out of 12 characters died right there. At that point, I knew they might have trouble completing the adventure. Afterward they used rope to link each other together.


The first five victims…

Then the sea shrikes attacked and another character died.

They managed to reach the prison realm, and after a series of unfortunate events, they all died. Total Party Kill.

The characters (foreground) encounter the dwarf Karlos Gend and “The Survivors.”
A desperate fight ensues…
TPK the DCC RPG way. (The little Scarecrow represented a PC goblin beggar)

We should have had more 0-level characters. With only 12 characters, it made the scenario harder. Then again, I’ve run 0-level games with three players before and have had a higher survival rate.

But that’s how 0-level funnels go.

And Because the game ended early, we got to try the card game The Quiet Year, where by default everybody dies at the end…

Yep, we played some happy and upbeat games for Atlanta Intown RPG Day…