Sun Tzu said: We come now to the question of encamping the army, and observing signs of the enemy. Pass quickly over mountains, and keep in the neighborhood of valleys.

Camp in high places, facing the sun. Do not climb heights in order to fight. So much for mountain warfare.

–Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter IX: The Army on the March, [1-2]

Unless you’re trying to keep your game uber-private, don’t play in location that hard to access.

For years, my old wargaming group met in a conference room accessible from the top deck of a parking ramp via a narrow staircase exposed to the elements. Wargamers would park and carry their miniatures up and down this staircase, despite wind, rain, and snow.

Meanwhile, I’d park a level or two lower, and use another entrance which led to elevator. Even so, I often had my hands full, so I became adept at opening doors with my hips and feet.

It’s wonder I never dropped anything. Or anybody else for that matter.

This arrangement was a special case our club had with the local university—and yes, we enjoyed the semi-privacy of the conference room.

Where you play should have plenty of room to spread your stuff out. (And food and drink nearby)

And the place you sit at the tabletop, should have plenty of room, too, along with being confortable.

The best gaming tables have spaces underneath to store you stuff while you play

This is about preventing your miniatures from getting damaged.

Watch those elbows!

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