I wanted to see if I could do it: a blog post a day for a year, and I’ve done it.

Thank you, dear reader, for coming along on this journey.

It began with a way to keep writing and holding myself accountable despite a chaotic work schedule, from working three jobs. Sitting down to write every day for 4 hours at a time (like Stephen King and other authors suggest), was out of the question.

The first half Fall 2016 was the worst. My hours at work increased. I was tired all of the time. I drank too much Coke to say awake. I quit one job to focus on my teaching, but then my time was filled prepping and managing my classes.

Yet somehow I managed to slip in a half-hour hear, an hour there. On certain days off I’d write 8-10 posts in one sitting to get ahead.

All the fiction I wanted to finish for 2016 was out of the question. My mind just wasn’t up for it. Believe me, I tried. But, I could do blogging. So let’s take a look back and a look ahead.

April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

Last year I launched The Word of Stelios using the Blogging A-to-Z April Challenge with the ABCs of Tabletop Gaming series. People seemed to like the series, but it was too early to see if it was “a hit” or not. This year I’m not participating for various reasons.

Now that I have more time, compiling and editing the series into a pdf of some sort might be worth doing.

Mini Mondays

These shall return, despite their absence in recent weeks. I’m still painting. I’m still wargaming. Though I would like to highlight other people’s painting projects rather than my own.

Soundtrack Saturdays

At first, I thought Soundtrack Saturday would be easy: just find a video on YouTube and share it. But it actually took more time than I had planned. Because, you know, I have to say something about the music and why I recommended it for your listening pleasure.

And sometimes the music was hard to find.

So these will continue, albeit on a limited basis.

The Art of Wargaming

Ah, the beast I’ve been wrestling with for two years.

I’ve noticed my page views this month have dropped since focusing on the series.

The good news is we’re in the end-run now when it comes to posting. Chapter XI: The Nine Situations, begins later this week. If all goes well, I’ll be done posting the series by mid-April.

I had never intended it to take this long. I wrote the original notes for each post in January/February of 2015. There’s been deviations, distractions, and along with the nagging questions: should this be an open-ended series or have finite point?

Aside from going back to do minor editing, an adding the right pictures, when I’m finished with The Art of Wargaming, it’ll be the last I have to say about wargaming for a long time.

Anne Greyhawk

I’m sure Anne will make a return. She’s got some explaining to do for what she did to that poor boy.

Right now I’m focusing on The Art of Wargaming. One thing at a time.

Thanks again, dear reader, coming along on this journey.