The last three weeks in Atlanta have been traffic hell.

On April 9th, the I-85 Bridge collapsed  after a massive fire beneath the bridge weakened the structure.  A state of emergency has been declared.

A few days later I drove by there using Buford Highway to see the damage and bore witness to a car fire near the collapse.

Tuesday, April 17th, started with a chemical spill on the Downtown Connector. The fun times continued when part of I-20 buckled, sending a motorcyclist and a car driver flying through the air.

And now, as I type this, another fire has broken out on Buford Highway.

This is on top of the regular dangers of driving in Atlanta traffic. As anybody who’ve driven it can tell you, accidents which back up traffic are a usual occurrence.

Last Saturday, April 15th, I came across a pickup truck facing the wrong way, on its side, in the fast lane on the south side of I-285. It didn’t appear anybody had been hurt, but debris was scattered all over the place and multiple cars appeared to have been involved.

One night, about two months ago, there was car facing the wrong way, on its side, in the HOV lane on the Downtown Connector.

When I can, I avoid the interstates, especially during peak times when either A) traffic slows to a crawl or B) people decide to drive 90 in 55 mph zone. Accidents are frequent, and often end with someone dead. In fact, I-285 has been rated the most deadly highway in the United States.

So, in light of all this, I highly encourage all Atlanta-area Game Masters and Referees to give extra experience points to their players’ characters for just arriving alive to their games.

This includes all player driving inside and outside the Perimeter, in a rough circle, starting just north of Alpharetta, going clockwise toward Lawrenceville, then south toward McDonough, and then westward to include Fayetteville before going North, more or less, to include Douglasville, Powder Springs, and Kennesaw. See the Google Maps illustration above.


Tabletop gamers inside the blue line should receive extra experience points for their characters. More experience should be awarded if a player braved whatever traffic disaster which may will strike in the future. Extra considerations should made for those who don’t have easy access to MARTA inside the Perimeter, have to take a bus outside the Perimeter, or drive regularly on Georgia 400.

I’ve included most of the major gaming stores in the area–no doubt there are more–but I’m not including stores which are exclusively dedicated to collectible card games.

I even redrew the blue line to include Meeple Madness. (Though I’m not, retrospect, why I included Games Workshop…)

Those playing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG may add 1d3 points of Luck to their characters, which can be burned without lowering their regular Luck scores. This makes perfect sense, given that they’ve already tested their Luck in Atlanta traffic and survived.

Wargamers will have to figure out something extra in lieu of experience points.

Perhaps all player in game can loosen Army List requirements to add a little something extra to enhance their respective forces. Maybe, once per game, a player can have one failed roll automatically succeed.

However, players who show up with unpainted figures will be immediately sent back out into Atlanta traffic.

The same goes with gamers who want to talk politics and not roll dice, Rules Lawyers, loud and obnoxious players, and anybody who wants to argue with the Game Master…




Drive safely. Arrive alive.