This isn’t a battle report, just an observation as to what’s been going on in my little circle of wargamers:

We’ve been playing Dragon Rampant regularly since February. Sometimes I’m involved in these games, sometimes I have other commitments. Sometimes people play one-on-one games, but most of the time we have these 4-6 player games where everybody gets to show off their miniatures.

If you ever show up to any of these games, you’ll see a variety of miniatures spanning the decades. In the pictures below Warhammer Quest goblins from the mid-1990s rub shoulders 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles orcs.

A variety of “adventurers” from Reaper Miniatures bought in the mid-2000s fight alongside “Dark Age Warriors” by Gripping Beast. Skaven fight touched up wights from the D&D miniatures line.

“Reload! Reload!!!” 
Goblins from the old Battle Masters game charge into some Pavisiers by Front Rank Miniatures.
Skaven march upon some ruins by Pegasus Hobbies.
A band of adventurers, from Reaper miniatures, step onto the battlefield.
Dark Age warriors  by Gripping beast make their stand against more Battle Masters goblins.
Skaven versus D&D wights.
The adventurers face the Old School goblin horde…

Here are previous Mini Mondays featuring Dragon Rampant and various “old school” miniatures:

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