The folks on the Dragon Rampant Facebook page have come up with painting challenge this week. You pick some miniatures you want to paint, and finish them by next Monday.

I’ve chosen these Nin-Gonost miniatures from the now defunct Adiken.

Nin-Gonost has an interesting story.

For $150, back in 2004 you could purchase a nice wooden case with 14 miniatures (10 orcs, 4 heroes), 32 magnetic floor sections, 10 wall sections, 4 sarcophagi, 6 paints, and a number of dice, cards, and assorted accessories.


The game faced some hefty obstacles in getting players interested in it: The price tag being one,

It was the rules, however, which sunk the game. They just didn’t work well, and the game uses a bunch of non-standard d6s.

One of the game’s designers released a revised version of the rules in 2005, which you can still download at Board Game Geek, but it was too little, too late. Adiken went bankrupt.

A couple years ago, a friend gave me his copy of Nin-Gonost for helping him organize his vast miniatures collection. It’s the first I’d ever heard of the game.

I like the miniatures. The orcs and the lantern bearer stand out in my mind. The other three heroes look a bit “rigid,” especially the knight.



In accordance with the rules of the challenge, they’re all ready primed. I used a black base coat, followed by a heavy dry brushing of Burnt Umber, then a lighter dry brushing of Milk Chocolate and Honey Brown.

The heroes may get final dry brushing of Neutral Gray.

All the paints so far come from Americana. I plan on using a mixture of Army Painter and Reaper paints to finish them.

I look forward to see how they turn out…