Have you heard of Safari Ltd? They make educational children’s’ toys. But some of their figures can be easily used for tabletop gaming.

I’ve reviewed their figures from them before, like this collection back in November, and the Behemoth my girlfriend gave to me for Valentine’s Day.

Today you get see a sample of their dragons.

Their big dragons are some of the best figures Safari Ltd produces. They have good detail and paint jobs.

You can also buy smaller dragons from their TOOBS collection, which come in plastic tubes.

They all come hand-painted and ready to go, just like those in the pictures below.

A Forest Dragon (left), and a Mountain Dragon (Right), surrounded by a variety of smaller dragons.
A close up of the Forest Dragon. Notice: no mold lines.
The Mountain Dragon (with a smaller bronze and gold dragon doing a photo bomb!)

For the price you pay, you get well-painted large dragons for your games. If you want, can touch them up with your own paint schemes, but I believe they look good as-is.

They’re also durable.

They’re meant to be handled. Unlike the plastic and metallic miniatures I own and have painted myself, I’m not concerned about these getting their paint chipped or scratched.

Once my forest dragon fell off a table. It even bounced slightly. Despite this, I could see no damage.

The Forest Dragon and its little fold-out containing its background (in 5 different languages!)
The Dragons from “Lair of the Dragons: Collection I”.

One last thing: I like the variety.

From a Game Master standpoint, I don’t believe there should be a “standard dragon.” Each dragon should be unique to surprise your players.

The Mountain Dragon has four eyes. Why? Who knows? To better spot questing knights, perhaps?

In “Lair of the Dragons Collection I” alone you get six different dragons. One is more like a phoenix, another is a four-winged fire-breather.

While these figures were picked up at local craft and hobby stores, you can find all of Safari Ltd’s dragons at Safariltd.com or at Amazon.com/safari.