This is something Dyvers used to do, back in the day.

It brought attention to a number of good gaming blogs and websites you might have never heard of before. I don’t know if this will be a regular series, but I’ve always wanted to do more showcasing of the work of others. They are in no particular order. But if I had to rank them, and you’re short on time, read the last three first.

  • TinPot Revolutionary: Board of Wargaming? A discussion over the merits of miniature boardgaming, particularly the new stuff produced by Games Workshop like Space Hulk and The Horus Heresy: the Betrayal at Calth. I see the appeal: instead of having to paint a whole army with lots of accessories, you’ve got a warband and a complete game in one box.
  • Greyhawkery: Stream of Annihilation Thoughts. I was going to write up my own little rant about Wizards of the Coast’s recent announcement of a Tomb of Horrors remake, but Mike Bridges sums up what I would have said. Is this just a blatant and lazy cash grab?
  • Jennifer Nicole Wells: Miniature Diorama Photography. Not so much a “best read,” but a great picture gallery of miniature dioramas based on weekly themes. Wells has her own “Mini Monday” series. Then it dawned on me: whenever I take a picture of miniatures for a showcase or a battle report, I’m photographing a diorama. I think I take decent enough photos, but there’s always more to learn.
  • Gothridge Manor, by Tim Shorts: A Mocking Tribute to Kickstarter Updates.  And here’s the second post. It’s funny because its true.
  • Cirsova: A Friendly Reminder on Manuscripts. It’s a brief list of important tips for authors who want to submit their work in the digital age. And its dead on. Do you know how tedious it is to go through a manuscript and remove all the tabs for formatting? Do it once, and you’ll never want to inflict it on anybody else.
  • And a rant over at Fuzzy’s Dicecapades on the frustrations of creating and building cultures for a homebrew campaign setting. Speaking of the difficulties in the creative process…
  • Fighting off the Fatigue, by the Mixed GM. Any artist with the urge to create something can relate. Also included: a brief motivational video by Shia LaBeouf.