Last week, Estalian and Hellenic mercenaries took 10 Nyrondese peasants as hostages to offer up as sacrifices for the nearby ork tribes in the region. The orcs had offered a nice sum of gold as payment to the mercenaries.

The hostages.

Upon hearing the news, the Nyrondese Host, aided by woodsmen from the Adri Forest chased down the mercenaries on the the Plains of Sasara. The mercenaries awaited the arrival of the orks.

Foreground: the orks arrive to claim the hostages before its too late.

The mercenaries found themselves surrounded and formed a defensive circle around the hostages. Just as the Nyrondese arrived on the field, so did an ork warband, and thus they were outnumbered.

But then the Dwarves on the Flinty Hills, riding upon the bones of ancient dragons they had slain, charged onto to the battlefield. Their hatred for the orks had gone back hundreds of years, in the days when they fought the ork hordes in the mountains.


The Estalians threatened to kill the hostage if the Nyrondese or their allies came any closer.

But the dwarves charged, and the battle was joined.

How many hostages could the Nyrondese save?


A pitched and desperate battle erupted between the dwarves and the orks. The ork hosts could not withstand the onslaught of the dwarves dragon skeleton riders. But the orks blunted the brunt of the dwarven onslaught, and even took down the giant skeleton before routing off the field.

Dwarves on dinosaur toys? Yes. This just shows how versatile Dragon Rampant can be.

Meanwhile, in the middle. The Nyrondese and Mercenaries exchange missile fire. A power bolt from the famed Vella the Sorceress blasted a group of Hellenic slingers out of existence, as group of Adri Forest woodsman, led by Stephano the Bard, took the hilltop overlooking where the mercenaries had deployed.

On the Nyrondese right flank, Mounted Crossbowmen shot their bolts into the Hellenic ranks. Mounted Knights, led by Joan of Arc, charged forward, and fought the Steam Tank for control of another hill.

Keep pushing! Destroy the monstrosity!

Despite having thick armor, the Steam Tank succumbed to the knights’ attack. It blew its transmission, caught fire, and exploded. Joan and her knights fled from the flames.

The Nyrondese and woodsmen continued their push toward the center. A couple of units of Hellene spearmen fell or were driven back.

Yet, however, by this time the orks were all dead or had fled. There was nobody to pay the mercenaries. Losing the Steam Tank was too costly of a price to pay. They had also killed most of the hostages, so the Nyrondese didn’t really “win” anything either.

The end result: a draw.

The mercenary defensive circle begins to collapse.
“I know we’re still alive, but why? And why didn’t we use these clubs to defend ourselves in the first place?