Edit: picture forthcoming. This is what happens when you’re in the middle of a crosstown move and you forget to upload the picture before you lose easy internet access…

A Dragon’s Graveyard.

Put some some of the skulls on a piece of balsa wood or another type base, paint to taste, and perhaps add a few more bones to resemble a places where dragons gather to die.

2. A Sacred War Altar or Relic. 

This idea come straight from old school wargaming: where gamers scratch-built certain units. In this case, I’d place a dragon skull on a liter, carried by 4-5 human or humanoid miniatures. Either that, or set one a wagon and drawn by horses.

3. A Dragon Demi-Lich?

Can there be such a thing? Dungeons & Dragons veterans know the horror of a regular demi-lich? Imagine the horror if a dragon/dinosaur skull with gems for teeth rises from a pile of dust…

4. A Roadside or Gate-side Shrine. 

Some locals unearthed a skull in a nearby field, they’ve placed in a little shrine at the crossroads or near the town gate, invoking its mystical powers for protection.

5. Gargoyles

Another take on using the mystical powers of the skulls for protection. Instead of building have gargoyle statues, they have these skulls–either painted like a statue or kept as its.

6. The home of a halfling or a gnome. 

I’m not sure how I’d construct this without hollowing out one of the skulls. But maybe a halfling lives inside, or perhaps the skull the entrance to its underground lair.